Our Orchards

Both orchards are located in the area of Traian commune in Bacau county, totaling an area of 6 ha. We hope that soon the fruit of these orchards can be offered to consumers who appreciate and want healthy fruits with a quality core. For this we chose Romanian but also French varieties famous for large caliber walnuts and superior organoleptic qualities.

Romanian walnut orchard

It was established in the spring of 2020. On an area of 3 ha were planted with a planting distance of 10.00 m x 5.00 m, 550 trees. The planting scheme included 3 varieties Geoagiu 65, Germisara and pollinator Susita, all varieties of grafted walnut, Romanian variety on the port Juglans regia graft.

The orchard has an automated irrigation and fertilization system served by a submersible pump located at great depth.

The orchard is located on the hill in the Hertioana area, Traian commune, where a long time ago there was another agricultural exploitation that was dry and unexploited. We started by clearing and cleaning the land, fencing and then planting walnut seedlings.

French walnut orchard

 In December 2020, the second orchard was planted in a super-intensive system. Thus, the planting scheme with a distance of 8.00m x 4.00m between trees included 1000 grafted walnuts, French varieties, on the Juglans regia rootstock. In this orchard are found the varieties Franquette, Fernor, Pieral (Lara) Meylanaise and Fernette.

 In spring 2021 there will be a drip irrigation and fertilization system, an automated system that will ensure your best development and fruiting. The orchard is located on the hill in the lower Hertioana area, Traian commune. Here, too, the works focused on preparing the land, fencing and then planting the seedlings delivered from France.

 All seedlings are from the biological category CAC (conformitas agrarian communitatis) with quality and compliance documents.